Bebop, Rock & Beyond (Fundamentals) (MIN4226.01)

Michael Wimberly

Bebop, Rock & Beyond (Fundamentals) is a drum set course that looks at the drumming architects of Bebop and Rock while discovering the innovative drummers of today who are mapping traditional rhythms from various cultures and adapting them for drumset. We’ll learn about Ed Blackwell, Art Blakey, Alex Acuna, Ignacio Berroa, John Bonham, Daphnis Prieto, Steve Jordan, and many others who have contributed to the innovation and music composition for drumset. Students will be tasked with working out rhythmic patterns through frequent practice (Lab), work on reading music notation, and advance their analyzing skills while responding to viewing and listening list. Maintenance and tuning are key components to understanding the sonic qualities of a drumset. Students will be tasked with maintenance and maintaining a controlled rehearsal and storage environment as well. A written statement outlining your strengths and areas that need development, in addition to what you’d like to accomplish from this class is required for consideration.

Prerequisites: Able to play percussion or drumset. Auditions by appointment on Monday 11/25 from 7-8:30pm or Tuesday 11/26 from 9:30-11:30am or 4-6pm. Email to schedule.
Credits: 2
M 3:40-5:30
Maximum Enrollment: 6
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years
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