Self, Culture, Society (PSY2236.01)

Megan Bulloch

Students reflect upon psychological, and anthropological issues in human populations, asking, “What does it mean to be human?” We consider a range of topics investigated in the social sciences, beginning with definitions of self, culture, and society along with issues of power, rights, and responsibilities. We also look beyond traditional definitions of “human” to intersections where individuals have been labelled human or not human. Please note that this class is based in Social Emotional Learning methods and Adaptive Leadership Theory. This means that we’re going to be engaging in workshops that are personal, will make you feel vulnerable, and will make the class a very uncomfortable place. The intention is experiential learning in the classroom to transform your thinking about yourself and others.

Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 4
M/Th 10:00-11:50
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Course Frequency:
This course is categorized as All courses, Psychology.