The Art of Auditioning Virtually (DRA2310.01)

Jenny Rohn

Auditions are an opportunity to develop your artistic voice and your confidence in that voice. In this class, we will work to demystify the process of auditioning and understand how to prepare and present work under challenging circumstances. The current move to self-tape and virtual video formats presents unique challenges. This course will cover cold readings, monologues, and prepared scenes, with an in-depth look at each step of the process, from the artist’s point of view. While we will work to develop on-camera techniques our primary focus will be on the craft of acting. We will practice text analysis, making choices, taking direction, interviewing, pre and post audition activity in order to experience the entire audition as a work of artistic expression. We will work towards developing a practice of self-evaluation that allows us to be independent of the need for feedback as well as the skills to participate in constructive feedback sessions.

Tools needed: A device that allows the student to participate during shared class time via Zoom and a solid internet connection for group meetings and presentations. A device with the ability to record work on video. A device that allows for downloading of digital written material/scripts. Private space, remote or on-campus, for rehearsals and recordings where the student can feel free to explore vocally, emotionally, and physically.

Learning Outcomes:

Delivery Method: Entirely remote (synchronous)
Corequisites: Dance or Drama lab assignment
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 4
T/F 10:30AM - 12:20PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years

Categories: All courses , Drama , Entirely Remote