Imagination, Creativity: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Music (MHI2324.01)

William Parker

In this course students will establish an expanded definition of ‘Music’ as inspired by the Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan who wrote the mysticism of sound. This book confirmed my reason and purpose for playing music. In discussing this book, we can open up to other possibilities of understanding while discovering the music inside of us. With the acceptance and realization that there are many systems of music discovered and undiscovered, we as human beings are born with our own relationship to Sound. Defining music as anything that is beautiful, such as the sky, flowers, trees, poetry, acts of kindness etc., are all aspects of music which move towards the idea that music sometimes manifest as sound. There are many recurring bits of information and questions asked, which are fundamental concepts in exploring the aesthetics of music. Students will engage in conversations, present presentations, and write responses on ‘The Activation of Self-Philosophy as Reality’, ‘What is Music (Art) and Why does it exist?’, and ‘What is the Purpose of Creativity and Imagination?’.

Reading Materials:
Who owns Music? William Parker… Buddy’s Knife
The Mysticism Of Sound and Music…Hazrat Inayat Khan and Shabala Dragon editions
Stan Brakhage (Filmmaker)1960 writing “Metaphors on Vision”

Learning Outcomes:
Learning outcomes:
• Practice exploring the unfamiliar as part of your liberal arts education
• Engage with your group as a community of collaborators
• Become independent learners who are curious about investigating other systems of harmony, rhythm, and sound.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 1
Tu 10:30AM - 12:20PM (1st seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 18
Course Frequency: One time only

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