Music Lab: 2 – For Advanced Musicians (Spontaneous Composing for All instruments) (MPF4127.01)

William Parker

Music Lab: 2 – Spontaneous Composing for all instruments is a course for advanced players of music who are interested in composing by improvising spontaneously. It’s anticipated that students in this course have a command of their instrument(s) allowing them to access a range of sound, color, techniques, and abilities that can advance the music. Through weekly guided improvisations students will learn to build sonic structures, improvise musical dialogues, deconstruct and reconstruct sheets of sound while expanding their definitions of music composition, and learning how to trust the intuitive self by stepping into the sonic unknown.


Learning Outcomes:
Learning outcomes:
• Practice exploring the unfamiliar as part of your liberal arts education
• Engage with your group as a community of collaborators
• Trusting your intuitive self – learning to support others through an investigative process

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Prerequisites: Students should write a statement of interest stating their instrument(s), years of playing, and reason(s) for wanting to explore spontaneous improvisation. Please contact Michael Wimberly to schedule an audition between November 10th and 17th.
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 1
W 4:10PM - 6:00PM (1st seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 8
Course Frequency: One time only

Categories: All courses , Fully In-Person , Instrumental Study , Performance