Projects in Documentary Photography (PHO4369.01)

Farzana Wahidy

This course offers students a hands-on opportunity in documentary photography where each student will learn about and develop long term projects. Students will conceptualize, produce, and edit photographs for a specific documentary project, and present a final product. This course will enable students to brainstorm about and select a long-term subject, undertake the photography, edit, and present their documentary projects. Classwork will include critiquing the work of iconic and contemporary photographers and their fellow students in an intelligent and thoughtful way as part of the learning process. Moreover, the instructor will work with each student as part of a formal critique process. 

Each student will produce a long-term photographic project and this course includes in-class lectures, assignments, editing (selecting photos), and in-class critiques and discussions.

 A limited number of digital SLR cameras will be available from the college for students to use throughout the term, and Photoshop and Lightroom will be available on all of our 12 workstations in the Photo Digital Lab.

Students will be required to have a Mac-compatible external hard drive and inkjet photo paper to complete assignments.


Learning Outcomes:
-Initiate, develop, revise and complete a documentary photography project
-Improve their skills in shooting, editing, printing, and managing digital photographs
-Find new sources of inspiration, deepen their creative work and enhance their ability to present it
-Practice contributing to critiques with peers and receiving feedback on their work
-Build awareness of historical and contemporary artists and the breadth of possibilities for the medium
-Make observations, think critically, speak, and write about photography
-Actively reflect on their own questions and relationship to the ideas in the course, and on their creative and learning processes, and make connections to other areas of interest
Recognize their shared role in cultivating an engaging, respectful, and productive learning community

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Prerequisites: Jonathan Kline ( will be pre-registering students for this class. Interested students should email Jonathan identifying why this class helps fulfill their plan’s objectives and to submit three documentary proposals that could potentially be carried out in this vicinity of southwestern Vermont over the spring term.
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 4
W 8:30AM - 12:10PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 12
Course Frequency: One time only

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