Beginning Guitar (MIN2247.01)

Hui Cox

Introduces the fundamentals of acoustic electric guitar playing, including hand positions, tuning, reading music, major and pentatonic scales, major, minor, and seventh chords, chord progressions, blues progressions, and simple arrangements of songs. Reviewing the history of the guitar and its pioneers and innovators.

Learning Outcomes:
Correct posture for playing the guitar
Several approaches to tuning the guitar
Twelve week study of twelve different guitarists of varying styles for awareness of the history of the guitar and the various styles the instrument is capable of.
Enhances listening skills.
Finger independence and strength exercises. Attaching finger skills and independence to the brain.
Beginning to learn the neck of the guitar - what and where the notes are on the neck.
Learning to read music on the treble clef.
Learning some basic campfire chords.
Repertoire of guitar music from several beginning guitar books. This can change from year to year but is
usually from Aaron Shearer or Berklee publications.
Learning the basics of music theory. -scale construction, intervals and key signatures

Delivery Method: Fully remote
Corequisites: Must participate in Music Workshop (Tuesday, 6:30 – 8pm).
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 2
TBA (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 5
Course Frequency: Every Term

Categories: 2000 , All courses , Fully remote , Instrumental Study , Two Credit