Introduction to Web3 (CS2128.01)

Meltem Ballan

This course will provide a wide range of information about fast-developing world of Web3. The course will cover the history of web1, web2, web3 and blockchain technologies focusing on the applications of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization through technology. Students will learn about blockchains and the decentralization of trust and power through technology, launch a cryptocurrency token, create non-fungible tokens, and build an application on a blockchain with prerecorded videos given by the Blockchain Academy and given access to the education platform to get an additional certificate. We will also discuss applications, ethical implications, and policy questions around decentralization. The students will also have an opportunity to follow a tutorial to create their own smart contracts. 50% of the class will be in the classroom and 50% will be asynchronous with micro education materials provided by Blockchain Academy.

Students should have basic computer skills, general familiarity of how computing work, and be comfortable working in either Linux, Unix, Windows, or MacOs.



Learning Outcomes:
Cryptocurrency, web3 and blockchain promise inclusivity and decentralization; however, there are a lot of misunderstanding and wrong information in the market
-Understanding the components involve in web3
-Understanding the blockchain and infrastructure
-Understanding the smart contracts

Delivery Method: Hybrid
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 2
W 2:10PM - 4:00PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years

Categories: 2000 , All courses , Computer Science , Hybrid , Two Credit