Writers, Directors Workshop (DRA4388.01, section 1) (new course code as of 10/20/2023)

Kirk Jackson

This project-based class will bring playwrights, directors, and actors together into a collaborative company to workshop new material or re-imagined previously published work. Four projects will share resources to bring the work to its next logical level, dependent on each project’s goal and process. Each project will share a bill with another for two performances. As with Platform, applicants must be interested in developing their project in dialogue with others to create a supportive, inclusive company with shared values around feedback that focus on developing healthy practices. Collaborative proposals of two or more individuals are encouraged, but not necessary.

Design elements will be minimal and shared. A Designer can be included in a collaboration, for example, and resources could be put toward highlighting one particular design element, as a project goal (see below). There will be a small budget for necessary purchases, however resourcefulness in pulling from stock will be the general rule.

Proposals should specify an attainable goal. For example, in work-shopping a new play, the rewriting process will likely be the primary goal. Rehearsals will be tailored toward a project’s goal. For example, it could be that a particular section of a play is fully realized, if the goal is to work with actors on challenging material. Again, the focus is on practice over product.

Rehearsals will constitute the bulk of the work, as well as maintaining a Rehearsal Log with an extended final reflection. Outside rehearsals will be limited to 8 hours a week and in-class time of 4 hours a week. Project creators receive 4 credits, collaborators could include actors, stage-managers, designers, dramaturgs etc. and will be assigned credits as appropriate, based on assumed hours of participation both in and out of class. This will be determined upon casting and prior to registration closing. Casting will occur via Drama Auditions, during the first week of spring term, unless otherwise specified in a proposal.

Please note the meetings time for this course: Wednesdays 7:00PM-8:50PM and Saturdays 1:00PM-5:00PM

Learning Outcomes:
Students will practice collaboration and community building skills in this project/performance- based class. Negotiating goals with resources for healthy practices and realistic outcomes is a skill set applicable beyond making theatre.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Prerequisites: Submission of a written proposal describing project goal, number of collaborators involved, and any technical needs anticipated, as well as a copy of the text, in whatever stage it currently exists. A subsequent meeting will occur ahead of approval. Submission deadline is THU November 16, 2023, Email kjackson2@bennington.edu, or hard copy in Dance/Drama Conference Room box.
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 4
W 7:00PM-8:50PM, Sa 1:00PM-5:00PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Course Frequency: One time only

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