The Eclipse! (PHY2279.02) (day/time updated as of 10/13/2023)

Hugh Crowl

On April 8, 2024, the second total solar eclipse in seven years will cross North America, starting in northwest Mexico, crossing west Texas, large parts of the midwest, and the northern reaches of New York, before skimming the most northern reaches of Vermont and exiting the continent through the Canadian maritimes. In this course, we will learn about the orbital mechanics of a solar eclipse, the types of research that can only be carried out during eclipses (including a project being installed on the Bennington campus), as well as the history of eclipses.

Students enrolled in this class will have the first opportunity to sign up for a trip up to Plattsburg, NY to see the eclipse and collaborate on observations on April 8, 2024. This field trip is optional (it is during Long Weekend), but is very strongly recommended if you have never seen a solar eclipse before (and even if you have!).

Module dates: March 19, 22, 26, 29; April 2 & 5

Learning Outcomes:
Students will learn the basics of solar eclipses and of solar physics science.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 1
T/F 2:10PM - 4:00PM (2nd module block)
Maximum Enrollment: 30
Course Frequency: One time only

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