Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture (APA2189.02)

Kelie Bowman

This course explores the broad field of sustainable farming and food systems. Through work at the Purple Carrot Farm students will learn hands-on skills such as food cultivation, preservation, processing, techniques for propagation, and design of annual and perennial production systems. We will further explore sustainable food systems by meeting with a cross-section of local agriculture businesses ranging from producers-traditional organic vegetable farm, mushroom cultivation, livestock, flower farms; to distributors- farm stands, markets and restaurants. Other field trips could include non-profit organizations working on community food insecurity, ecological landscape design and pollinator restoration and to partner organizations of the Bennington Fair Food Initiative, the Southwest Tech Vocational Program and the Vermont Veterans Center. Through these field trips, readings, and in class discussion, students will explore pathways to creating sustainable careers within the food system, and how to create systems and practices that best support community and ecological resilience.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Engage with practitioners and community members working on the ground in regenerative agriculture, sustainable food systems, and food
2. Become familiar with gardening/agriculture as a facet of community food resilience.
3. Learn the process of early season, organic, small scale vegetable farming through hands-on learning at the Purple Carrot Farm.
4. Overview of creating a plan, time management skills, budget creation/tracking, adaptable methods responding to our changing climate.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 2
F 8:30AM - 12:10PM (2nd seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 14
Course Frequency: One time only

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