Papermaking with Plants (SCU2304.01)

Lily Carone

Papermaking is an ancient, traditional craft with a history that reflects our fundamental humanity. It is a process that simultaneously relies on and reveals the nature of plants and place. Papermaking With Plants engages with the materiality of both paper and plants through observation, hands-on making, inquiry, research, and design. Through this exploration, we will acquire new ways of seeing and knowing our environment. 

During this course, we will process locally sourced plant material into pulp for papermaking. We will learn how to make paper using the fibers rendered from these wild harvested plants, in addition to commercially processed pulp, utilizing traditional western papermaking tools and techniques. We will also discuss the cultural and environmental history of papermaking, and consider the impact of its production on humans and its implications for the natural world.

Several individual assignments and group critiques throughout this 7-week course will provide a framework for gauging the learning process and establish space for reflection, discussion and collaboration.

Ultimately, students will build upon a foundational and tangible comprehension of the material and either independently or collaboratively develop a final project of their choosing in order to further explore different interpretations of and methods for papermaking.

Students will be expected to spend a significant amount of time in the studio working on assignments outside of class time. This is a practice which requires diligence when it comes to cleaning up and maintaining equipment between uses and good time management will be essential. 

A $25 studio fee provides for the purchase of materials. 

Learning Outcomes:
1. Design and pursue hands-on inquiry as a way of exploring a topic deeply and expansively
2. Develop a contextual understanding of plant morphology and ecology as it relates to fiber
3. Establish foundational papermaking skills that can be carried forward in students’ own pursuit of the process; foster the skills and vocabulary needed to work in a papermaking studio independently; become familiar with western-style papermaking techniques; and acquire knowledge of recycled/at-home papermaking options
4. Interdisciplinary and collaborative experimentation culminating in the creation of unique work

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Course Level: 2000-level
Credits: 2
M 1:40PM-3:30PM, W 2:10PM-4:00PM (1st seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 10
Course Frequency: One time only

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