The Prose Poem (LIT4280.02)

Phillip B. Williams

The prose poem challenges the very notion of genreā€”but what are the implications of this challenge and how does it reframe the perceived disciplinary limits of literature itself? Students will learn the history of the prose poem beginning in 19th-century France through its contemporary usage. Reading a book a week, there will be discussion about form and function, the nuance of typography, as well as analyses of flash fiction and the lyrical novel as potential forms of or divergences from the prose poem.

Students are required to write short weekly response papers, a prose poem based on weekly readings, and a final portfolio of prose poems and critical reflections on the usage of form.


Learning Outcomes:
* Learn to discuss poetry across a broad spectrum of prosodic elements.
* Distinguish between subtle literary devices that a prose poem may obscure in its form.
* To write critically and effectively about poetic form, structure, and content.

Delivery Method: Remotely accessible
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. Students must submit a 3-5 page writing sample of poems, submitted via this form by November 12.
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 2
W 2:10PM - 5:50PM (2nd seven weeks)
Maximum Enrollment: 15
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years

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