Platform: Projects in Drama (DRA4311.02)

Dina Janis & Jennifer Rohn

The purpose of this course is to create a platform for students to express themselves through theatrical performance. We are interested in projects that are inclusive and allow for, and celebrate diversity. All applicants must be interested in developing their project while investigating what it means to create a supportive, inclusive community that regularly engages in group sharing and feedback sessions centering the artist. We will foster the growth of your proposed project through supervised rehearsals and weekly feedback sessions. In most cases the work will be performed twice at the end of the term though some projects may be designed for digital creation rather than live performance. The project itself can be collaborative and involve more than one creator though it is fine to propose a solo project, and can take the form of a staged reading, a one-person show, a devised piece of theater, a fully staged production, a radio play, or zoom theatrical piece. All design elements will be minimal, shared light plot, pulled costumes and props although it will be possible to work with a designer as co-creator. There will be a small budget for necessary purchases. You will be limited to 8 hours a week of outside rehearsal time and in-class time of 4 hours a week. Co-creators will be required to attend a weekly one hour community meeting that will take place during the 4 hours of class time, and will receive 4 credits. Project collaborators will be assigned credits, as appropriate, on a project by project basis depending upon assumed hours of participation in each case. Creators will automatically receive 4 credits. Collaborators will be informed of their approved credit number prior to registration or upon casting. Projects will cast in the Spring Drama Auditions.

We require a written proposal but there are no pre-requisite requirements. This proposal should describe the project, the number of collaborators who would be involved, and the technical needs anticipated. In addition, project research/ video/ audio and/or writing sample submissions are also encouraged. We will read all proposals and each project will be vetted on an individual basis. A meeting or discussion with faculty will be required ahead of approval and size of class and capacity generally will be a factor in selection.

As long as your proposal is sound and your goals achievable within the structure of the course we will consider it. Interdisciplinary work, small projects, site-specific theatrical performances are welcome.

Written Proposals will be due by November 5th- with Proposal Meetings- TBScheduled on a case by case basis once Proposal has been submitted.

** There will be 3 sections of this course- one for 4 credits (creators), one for 2 credits (collaborators), and one for 1 credit. Each project will be evaluated by the Faculty and credits will be assigned once the project is approved.

Learning Outcomes:
Students will practice collaboration and community building in this project/performance based class. The creation of theatre engages in every capacity: inquire, research, create, engage, communicate.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Prerequisites: This 2 credit section of Platform is designed for actors, designers, and/or other creative team members who are cast or brought on to support a project that has been approved in the Platform 4000 level course. Auditions will occur at the beginning of the term- Spring 2022.
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 2
M/T, 7:00PM-10:00PM (new time as of 11/1/2021) (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 16
Course Frequency: One time only

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