Welcome to the Bennington College curriculum!

We have designed our curriculum to create multiple points of entry and to highlight thematic and associative connections between courses–all in the effort to help students design courses of study that support their Plans in the most meaningful ways.

Each course has been categorized in one or more areas of study, and has also been tagged with the appropriate number of credits; its level; and whether it’s a 3-week, 7-week, or full term course. You may use the menus above to view courses in a particular category, or click “All Courses” to view an alphabetical listing of all courses for this term. The search box at right can be used to search course titles, descriptions, or faculty.

We’ve also applied keywords to each course to help you identify cross-curricular themes. Use the tag cloud on the right-hand navigation to search by keyword. The tags are not meant to be comprehensive, but are instead designed to give you a sense of courses that share similar or complementary content.

To get started, use the navigation above or click the appropriate term at right. If you’re visiting using a mobile device, you may use these links to select a term:

Fall 2022 Curriculum

Spring 2023 Curriculum