Taiwan and China in Global Affairs (CHI4605.01)

Ginger Lin

Whether it’s global economic disruptions from COVID-19 and Beijing’s “zero cases” policy, the US-China trade war and heightened tensions over Taiwan as it becomes a high-tech chip manufacturing powerhouse, China’s failing “One Belt One Road” program or Putin courting Xi’s favor in his war against Ukraine, China and Taiwan are making a lot of global affairs headlines recently. In this course, students will use authentic materials, such as print articles, videos, and other media as springboards to analyze and discuss Taiwan and China’s role in global affairs. Students will be given written texts with vocabulary lists and grammar points for each topic. Students will advance their skills in all four language areas via class discussion, research papers, worksheets, etc.

Learning Outcomes:
By end of the term, students will be able to...
...understand and discuss various authentic Chinese media and effectively communicate their thoughts on these in Chinese, both orally and in writing
...raise valid and rational questions regarding current affairs of China and Taiwan and analyze and discuss these issues in Chinese
...conduct independent research on current affairs of China and Taiwan
...form ideas and opinions based on their research on the intersection of Chinese/Taiwanese current events, history, and culture and logically state and express their thoughts coherently and cohesively in Chinese.

Delivery Method: Fully in-person
Prerequisites: The equivalent of at least 5 terms college level Chinese or placement test.
Course Level: 4000-level
Credits: 4
M/Th 1:40PM - 3:30PM (Full-term)
Maximum Enrollment: 10
Course Frequency: Every 2-3 years

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