Modernizing the Nation: From the Edo Period to the Meiji Period (JPN4120.01)

Ikuko Yoshida
M/Th 8:30AM-12:10PM (1st seven weeks)

Popular Culture and Music in Post-Colonial Africa: From Palm Wine to Kuduro (MHI2253.02)

Joseph Alpar
M/Th 3:30PM-5:20PM (2nd seven weeks)

Music, Gender, and Sexuality in the Middle East (MHI2252.01)

Joseph Alpar
M/Th 3:30PM-5:20PM (1st seven weeks)

History of Animation (MA2137.02)

Sue Rees
W 6:30PM-10:10PM (2nd seven weeks)

Historical Dress: The Jazz Age (DRA2286.01)

Charles Schoonmaker
M/Th 1:40PM-3:30PM (1st seven weeks)

The Vessel: Introduction to Ceramics through History (CER2227.01)

Barry Bartlett
M/Th 1:40PM-5:20PM (1st seven weeks)

Other People’s Worlds (ANT4129.02)

Miroslava Prazak
T/F 1:40PM-5:20PM (2nd seven weeks)

Conflict Resolution: Theory & Practice (MED2116.01)

Michael M. Cohen
T/F 8:30AM-12:10PM (1st seven weeks)

Wicked Problems and Diabolical Dilemmas (HIS4235.02)

Eileen Scully
M/Th 1:40PM-5:20PM (2nd seven weeks)

Governing America (HIS2257.01)

Eileen Scully
M/Th 6:30PM-10:10PM (1st seven weeks)